I hate trying to find a title for my book. Or short story. I absolutely suck at them.

I always thought that a good title should catch the attention, give a little hint as to the story (or at least the theme), and be fairly unique.


Trying to get something unique is a major challenge. My partner is Chinese, and she’s excited about a new film which has just been released in the UK. It’s called Once Upon A Time. Try googling that, and see how many different versions you get, just from films alone. Same with a lot of book titles. On those rare occasions when I do think I’ve got something that might just work, the first thing I do is pull up the Amazon search bar, and type it in, see how many hits I get. If there’s less than three, I’ll consider it. If it’s none at all, I’m definitely keeping it as a contender. Anything more, and it’s going to get lost in the crowd, or pull in someone who got it confused with a title they actually wanted.


When I published Clown, I was dead set on the title. I knew it was a loser, but I wanted it nonetheless. In The Mourning was a title before I had a story, and I really wanted to use it, because deep down, I love puns. Compiling HB Peculiar’s First Cause, the title was relatively easy as someone else came up with it as the name of their short story. It was (intended as) the first HB Peculiar collection, and the story was going to be the first. Easy.

For my next book, I’ve gone with Blood Calling. It’s a horror piece, so blood always works well. The story involves a summoning, that uses blood magic, so Blood Calling seems to work quite nicely.

I hope.


Oh, and it should be out by the end of the month. With any luck!



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