New Beginnings

Times have changed, here in the world of TrueJDK. The last time I had a serious run at blogging, I had just self-published by debut novel, Clown, through the e-publishing route on Amazon. I took the opportunity to share my experiences, and to help support the self-publishing authors by reviewing self-published works wherever I could.

That was a couple of years ago.

In the months that followed setting up that blog, I reviewed a sizeable number of books – finding some absolute gems, an unfortunate number of books that (politely) needed some work, and one genuinely disturbed “author” who proceeded to make a number of death threats. Fun times.

I also made a run of experiments with my book, and shared the results as freely as I could – from the writing, to the marketing, and whatnot. I gave guidance and advice for any who might stumble across my blog.

And then things dried up a little, as life changed. Those changes included, variously, a switch in career, followed by redundancy, followed by several interim roles; the birth of my second son; new career again (now a bit more stable); the birth of my third son; significant works to the house. I spent some time catching up on my regular authors, those I’d missed as I focussed on the self-published writers. Free time was scarce, and hard to find.

However, somewhere in there, between the different jobs, and the joys of raising a toddler and a baby, as well as a growing boy, and the delights of ongoing housework/conversions, I managed to find a little time here and there. I wrote. Not much, but a little.

I was able to gather together a little collection of my own short stories. Hopefully, the first of several volumes. And, I was able to spearhead a little project with some socially creative types, and come up with the HB Peculiar concept, setting off the first volume of shorts under that name.

I’ve done a little rebranding – pictures, covers, and whatnot – of my own. I sadly allowed the url to lapse, and it was poached, by a company currently sitting on it so they can earn some money. Not that they’ll get it from me.

So here I am.

Back again. And hopefully, with a bit more to say.


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