Writing Challenge – Part One

Trying to get back into the swing of things, I want to try the occasional writing exercise. In this instance, a spin on the old “Four word horror story”, or “Two sentence horror story” that pops up every now and then.

I wanted to try consecutive sentences, starting with a single word, then two, then three and so on up to ten, then reverse back down. With each sentence trying to work as a story in its own right, but forming part of a whole story together.

This is my first pass at it, with no edits or revisions.



She ran.

Her blood fell.

Her eyes stared blindly.

But still she ran on.

She had no idea how far.

She had no idea how long, even.

Perhaps mere moments, perhaps days had passed already.

She dared not stop, not even to draw breath.

The pain in her legs had given way to numbness.

The hammering in her chest had stopped, leaving her empty.

The stitches in her flesh strained against the pressure.

Threatening to burst, and let her innards fly.

Desperate, she held her hands against them.

She tried prayer, and pleas.

Struggling to hold herself together

Eventually, the blood stopped.

Eventually, everything stopped.

Except her.




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