Well, it’s been a little while since I wrote here. But this time, for a damn good reason. I’ve been writing.

I’ve got my inspiration back, my mojo back, and my groove back. I’d say I’m currently about 70%, maybe a little more, through my first draft. And I’ve been really enjoying it. The exercises I ran in the past few posts have been an absolute blessing for me. My current WIP is fairly dialogue-heavy, and for something I used to dread, I’m now finding it hard to stop. One of my main characters is a gobby bastard, and I can’t seem to shut him up.

I love writing the dialogue. I’m reading it out loud, and it sounds about right. It seems to flow.

I’m trying to build suspense in there, and I feel I’m getting that done. There’s chills, blood and gore, and a mythology building up. It’s a long, long way from perfect, and the next stage is going to be getting a couple of beta-readers, and doing some harsh editing (I know it’s needed, and I’m trying to hold off doing it as I go, to avoid losing the flow that I’m building up).

So, this is a swing in, and I’ll be back with a few posts about the process here (from deciding characters, character types, names, mythologies, editing, cover design, etc) soon. Hopefully, very soon. I’m aiming to not just have this thing out this year, but in time for Halloween. Hell, the way I’m going, I’m hoping to have it out by the end of Summer, and the sequel in hand!

See you soon!



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