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Blood Calling

Ah, it’s taken a while to get it finalised, but finally done.

I’ve literally been backwards and forwards, again and again, trying to tighten up those niggling little inconsistencies, plot holes, errors, and whatnot. I’m pretty sure they’re done, so I’ve clicked the PUBLISH button for the first time in just over two years.


Two years. Technically, two years, three months, and ten days. Amazing that it’s been that long. Hopefully the next one will be out much more readily. I’m already into it, and I’m not setting myself massively high word counts. I have the story roughly set.

So, yes. Anyway. The self-publication of Blood Calling, the first Hob & Harte book, is now live on Amazon. The first story in an ongoing saga for my new pair of miscreants. A horror that follows a demon summoning gone wrong. Death and suffering, business as usual for Hob and Harte, a soul-bound pair trying to save the day.

Try it. You might like it.


Links will go up shortly.


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