Embracing convention

It seems that no sooner have I resumed blogging than everything goes ballistic in my life. Work is frantic, and shows no signs of immediate relief. The youngest youngling has started teething, and is none too happy about it. The middlest youngling is daddy-obsessed, and determined to join me in everything I do, as long as I do something he wants to do (otherwise he’ll throw a little tantrum). I’m conscious that the eldest youngling should have some time as well, even though he doesn’t demand it, and is generally pretty good.

Add in to that, a grim determination to do some exercise and start running, and I’m generally pretty exhausted. The writing projects I’m working on are taking a (brief) pause for a while.

But, meantime, to keep me going, I’m taking a day tomorrow with the eldest youngling, and visiting London Film and Comic Con 2015. Last year, we went as a family, with the express purpose of meeting/photoshoot with Stan Lee. The venue was overpacked, incredibly hot and sweaty, expensive, and exhausting. The queues stretched for what seemed like an eternity, and we were battered by the whole experience. But it was totally worth it!

This year, I’m going again, and taking just the eldest. We have a different mix of guests to have photos with, and I’m hoping we can meet some of my writing/drinking partners-in-crime inside. Or outside. Or somewhere.

Sadly, two of our guests have already cancelled. Charles Dance, a Lannister and Vetinari, who has cited work commitments. And, particularly disappointing, Kurt Angle (Olympic gold medallist – won with a broken freaking neck), former WWE World Champion, TNA World Champion. We were both keen to meet him, but Kurt has been hospitalised with potentially life-threatening issues. Thankfully he seems to be ok now, and we’d both prefer his health over a photo any day of the week (it’s true, it’s true).

So, instead, we’re “making do” with Road Warrior Animal and Rey Mysterio, former WCW/WWE wrestlers, Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), Christopher Lloyd (Uncle Fester, Judge Doom, Doc Brown), Michael J Fox (Marty McFly, Frank Bannister), and Sigourney freakin’ Weaver (Ellen Ripley, Dana Barrett, and countless more).

I am ridiculously excited, and marking/fanboying out big time. There is the distinct possibility of me just mumbling incoherently in front of Sigourney Weaver.

Plus, we’ll do the usual wander round, geek shopping, photo op-ing with the Cosplayers and props, and doing what one normally does. I’m dreading the thoughts of the queues again, especially as early feedback so far is that the same problems are happening again, but still…

I can’t wait. And I’ll be back soon!


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