Defying Convention

So, it was planned, and thus it was done.

This weekend was our trip to London Film and Comic Convention 2015, and we survived. By the skin of our teeth, but we survived. The queues were long, the temperature hot, the day exhausting. There was much to see and do, and my wallet took a right hammering.

There were some amazing cosplayers, ranging from the subtle (the family doing Mystery Inc.) to the stunning (Predators, Aliens, balloon dinosaur suits, lego figures).

And there were the guests. Aside from the disappointment of cancellations from Charles Dance (work commitments) and Kurt Angle (ill health), we managed a pretty impressive line-up.

Christopher Lloyd first. First thing in the morning, bright and cheerful, a delight to start the day. Whilst queuing for him, we were next to the guests’ refreshment room, so saw a number of them come out. Road Warrior Animal stood out, as he’s freaking huge, and had full face paint. Behind him, hidden by the crowd, a small kid dressed like Rey Mysterio. With the mask. And beard. Rey Mysterio! (He’s a small, small guy).

Next up, Rey Mysterio! Huge queue for him, filled with kids. Rey was late, but an incredibly nice guy, very patient with everyone, polite and friendly. He locked me in a headlock for an awesome pic, and posed with my son.

Then, onto Road Warrior Animal. Smaller queue, older crowd. Animal had brought the gold-plated shoulder pads from SummerSlam ’92, Wembley, and put them on everyone for a pic. He was great for poses, letting people headlock him, and posing to punch my lights out. He won my son’s choice for moment of the day, purely for the shoulder pads.

We had a wander, and found the SyFy channel’s camera set up. A great installation, offering a 360 photo shoot, with some incredible poses and pictures. They provided props, and a great atmosphere. Everyone working there was great at their game. Unfortunately, the queue was just too long and slow, so we had to move on. One to visit when we didn’t have other shoots to do.

Quick trip for a photo with Robert Englund. Considering his age, he has incredible energy and enthusiasm, giving everyone a different pose. And he admired my waistcoat (vest).

Lunch, via a quick trip through the autograph booths to say hi to Tom Savini (lovely chap), John Wagner (miserable), and Robert Rankin (utterly delightful, happy to have a long chat about his books and getting drunk with wrestlers).

Back again, for a shoot with Sigourney Weaver. Long, long queue for that, but a thoroughly lovely, charming, stunning lady. She has one hell of a presence, and easily looks twenty years younger than her age.

Then on to Michael J Fox, who looked thoroughly exhausted and drained, sitting in the DeLorean. Honestly, I felt guilty just taking up his time, as he looked like he was struggling to breathe. I admire his dedication and his career, but my heart went out to him.

And home. Tired, hot, sweaty, broke.

And ready for next year!


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