Back again. I promise.

Holy moly. Where have I been?
Just checked the last date of entry, and that’s several months ago. What happened in those days, eh?
Work. Home. Life. Headaches. In no particular order.
Work went crazy busy, but has started to quieten down a little. Not in the quantity of work, but more in the level of support available, which is a good thing. It means my stress levels have reduced, and I have less to take home with me.
We finally had the garage converted, and a driveway installed. We had to really. Some joyriding little twat smashed into my car at 4am one day and totalled it, so we needed to get the driveway done. Unfortunately, the company we used for both weren’t quite as good as expected, and ended up skipping out early, leaving the work on both about 90% done (Hi, O’Hanlon Driveways! Can’t say I’d recommend you to anyone, given that you skipped out and refused to answer/return phonecalls, texts, or emails). So that left a lot of work for me to do, especially during the one time of the year when I had some genuine time to myself.
My little ‘uns have grown up a little. The eldest is nearly ten, the middlest is nearly three, and the littlest has just turned one. Highly demanding, but highly entertaining. All are handfuls, so they keep me busy at home. A typical day involves me getting home, and trying to take them off my missus’s hands, so that she can have some relaxing time herself. Much as we love them, they’re a handful and a half!
Life continues, which is both good and surprising 
I’ve been attempting to get back on with the writing, both individually and as a group. The tales behind HB Peculiar’s gathering will soon be related.
Meantime, I’m determined to get some more writing done.
And I’ll try to swing by here every now and then.
Until then, keep watching the skis.

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