Ye gods…

It’s been a year.


OVER a year.

That’s a long time since I last came here. I suppose I should be a little more active, eh? Dust off the corners. Plug things back in. Crank up the generators. See if that thing in the corner has achieved sentience yet.

OK. Well, it’s been busy. I have kids (definitely my favourite go-to excuse. A great reason to get out of anything I don’t want to do). A full-time job. Distractions. Yes, I know. I should be writing. And I am. Just not as much as I should, nor with the passion I had.

It’s hard.

I tried to get another group compilation off the ground, only to be met with initial enthusiasm followed by general apathy.

I’ve tried to get writing myself for myself, and I’ve struggled with concentration. I have dozens of short stories which have started, but only a few of which have begun. I have a fantasy trilogy which is epic and wonderful in my head, and fairly well sketched out. I have a sci-fi trilogy, which is epic and wonderful in my head, and pretty well sketched out. I have a wrestling book, which I’m really struggling to put together, but is more of a passion project. And I have a slasher/horror movie homage book, which I’m really enjoying, but I’m struggling to get any real time for.

And that’s the hardship. Time.

I wrote Clown when I was living on my own, and I could concentrate a bit more, solidly churning out work. I wrote In The Mourning with a wife and son, when he was old enough to entertain himself.

Now? Now, I have a wife, three sons (the eldest needing a major hand with his studies, the middlest going to pre-school, the youngest just a toddler – they all need and deserve attention. And, quite frankly, they’re going to get it as a priority!), a full-time job (with another on the way, which will eat up more of my time), a reading list longer than my arm, a Playstation with a queue of games (damn you, Fallout! Damn you, Skyrim!), and a house that needs constant work.

So, it’s hard finding the time. It’s hard making the time. It’ll be a few years before the boys are old enough to let me have some dedicated time for me to do what I want to be done.

But I will.



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