New titles

OK, screw it. I may be getting a little over-ambitious, but these are the working titles I’m currently on. And I’ll get one of them out this year. For sure.

Tales from the Darkness – Vol. 2 (Short stories, with a slightly fantastical take)

Tales from the Darkness – Vol. 3 (Short stories, with a more fantastical take)

The Rise of the Tenth Throne (Fantasy, set in the aftermath of the Godslayer Wars. A new threat rises from the bodies of the fallen gods). First in the Tenth Throne Trilogy.

The Path of the Alothi (Sci-Fi, set in the far future. The planet-eating Alothi are working through the known systems, devouring everything in their wake. Whilst the Central Authorities work to evacuate planets, and desperately find sanctuary, a scavenger crew may just have found salvation in the shape of a mysterious survivor).

The Art of The Finish (The importance of the right finishing move for a main-eventer in the perception of the audience)

Blood Will Flow (Horror. When the last survivor of a slasher meets others who’ve been through the same trials, he finds a bigger threat than he could have imagined, and just maybe, a way to stop them all for good).

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