And how’s it been going?

Checking in for an update, I think.

A few posts back, I looked at making some changes to get back into the swing of things. To renew, refresh, revamp, revitalise, and all that jazz.

So, here’s what I’ve done:

I’ve run through my social media, having identified it as a major timewaster/distraction, with Facebook being the worst. Without wanting to delete my account entirely, I edited a lot of stuff out, cut down my posting drastically, and deleted the app from my phone. It helps. Not a lot, but enough. Consequently, I’m barely touching Instagram and Twitter either.

It’s been two weeks since my family was restored to full strength, with my partner and middlest returning from foreign climes. We’ve been working at sleep-training the boys, but forgot that the bright, sunny evenings are here. Sleep-training is progressing, but very slowly. I’m optimistic for a positive outcome at some point.

As a result of the sleep training, I’ve cut down on game playing and TV a lot – as I can’t get near a screen! Hopefully, this can become the norm.

I sketched up some basic writing challenges for myself. I didn’t want to do something as simple as “Here’s a theme, write about it”. That seemed like a bit of a waste. So, I set challenges like “5 minutes fiction – whenever and wherever the muse strikes”; “1 – 10 word sentences”; “A-Z”. Some of the results can be seen in previous posts. Because of their nature, I was able to work on these during my morning/evening commute, on the train, using my phone. They actually worked so well for me that I’m tempted to compile a few more into a short eBook, combining suggested exercises with my outcomes.

I also started something new, as I wanted to avoid falling back into comfort and wallowing about something that hadn’t progressed. So, I did. And hit 10,000 words before I knew it. Technically, that’s enough for a short novella on its own! I was aiming it to be the introduction to a bigger piece – full novel, although likely to be a short one – that would form the first book in a planned series. More on that next post.

So, all in all, a bit of a success, really. New attitude, new commitment. Let’s hope I can keep it going, eh?



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