Work in progress

As promised, a little insight into what I’m currently working on.

I’ve been a fan of episodic horror/genre TV for a while. Dr Who, Kolchak, X-Files, Buffy, Millennium, Supernatural, Haven, etc. There’s a number of books written in that kind of style as well, which I rate highly, and thoroughly enjoy, in one form or another – Lincoln and Child’s Agent Pendergrast, Jonathan Maberry’s Joe Ledger, Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden, et al. And, of course, I’ve been a comic book fan for years.

I wanted to do something in that vein.

Something with a supernatural/horror flavour. Broadly speaking, bad thing happens, good guys try to stop it, good guys eventually win. Sure, there’s triumph and tragedy along the way, blood and death, and that kind of thing, but pretty formulaic. Very popular fiction, if done right. Popular is nice, popular is good. Especially if it’s something that writer enjoys, and is passionate about.

So, this was a nice diversion for me. Chance to write something new, whilst I was revved up and ready to write. Jump into something fresh. Which, for me, meant diving in headfirst. Get a vague idea (in this case, a demon summoning), and a way to play with it.

So, five friends start a demon summoning. Then I play with it a little. The idea that they botch it, just a little, and that delays the summoned demon, until after they’ve given up and walked away. The broad idea then being that the two actual protagonists turn up, and save the day – after some bloodshed, of course.

OK. Basic idea in place.

Then comes the world and character building. What are the rules with demon summoning, and what are they actually going to summon? Something from classical mythology, or something new? Are the summoners kid, teens, students, adults? Are they rich, poor? British, American, somewhere else? Why are they summoning?

Bare bones to begin with, and starting to fill some of those gaps in as I write. They can be fleshed out, trimmed back, or completely revised during subsequent drafts. I’m not working to the “everything must be perfect first time” credo any more.

At the moment, the five are long-term friends, recent college graduates. Adults, but still living with parents. Most of them, at least. Why are they doing it? Generic reason X, right now. However, down the line, it’ll be because of an influence from the summoning book.

OK. Bare bones set, and writing begun. This was the first part. The second part was what they summoned, the third – the protagonists. Something for the next couple of posts.

Have a great weekend!


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